Shipping policy

Use of Courier 

The shipping costs for every order you placed shall be borne by you.

The delivery of the products shall be governed by the terms and conditions of such a courier that
LaSua Group Limited recommended, which will be available for perusal upon request.
LaSua Group Limited shall appoint such a courier to handle all the aspects of the delivery on your

LaSua Group Limited will not be responsible for any act or failure to act on the part of such a

LaSua Group Limited disclaim any liability whatsoever and you assume all risks and liabilities associated with its use.

Terms and policies of the courier shall apply to every order you placed and LaSua Group Limited shall not be responsible for any breach of the courier's terms and policies by you.

However, other delivery services or courier for the delivery of every order you placed could be demanded on request. Should you prefer other delivery services or couriers, you may contact us or make your own arrangement. The delivery time may take longer if you choose your own courier. Shipment fees are denominated in USD for International delivery and RMB for PRC delivery.
All international orders are transacted in USD.

Customs and Duties 

Product prices displayed are exclusive of all taxes and duties.

Customs and duties, if any, shall be borne by the recipient in order to release the order from customs on arrival.

The application for licence or registration of the purchased products in the recipient's own country shall be the obligations of the recipient.

LaSua Group Limited have no control over the customs charge and/ or import regulation implemented by the government of the recipient's country. In the event that the extra duties or costs
applied to such order because of the regulations of recipient's country, LaSua Group Limited will not pay, nor be held responsible, for such costs or arrange for application of such import license.

If the package is rejected by the customs of your home country or otherwise and returned to LaSua Group Limited, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and any additional charges as handling fees.

Dated this 18 February 2021